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Water window C609 pipeline machine
Water window C609 pipeline machine

Water window wall-mounted pipeline machine C609 function:

The deputy leader unit of the national standard for domestic water dispensers, focusing on the research and development of domestic boiling water for 15 years, with more than 110 patented technologies. The boiling water heaters use nano-electric heating film heating problems, water and electricity separation, safe and efficient, no hot water, no repeated heating, Thousands of water, fresh and healthier

Size: 398x310x76mm

Color: purple

Voltage: 220V ~ 50Hz

Heating power: 2000W

Power consumption: 0.09KW.h / 24h

Hot water capacity: ≥90 ℃ 20L / h

National projects, patent protection, brand support

Health: Cancel the hot bile, high-tech nano-crystal heating tube flow heating, completely solve the problems of yin and yang water, aging water, mill roll water and scaling, the water quality is weakly alkaline with small molecular groups; patented intelligent boiling core, instant boiling, more thorough sterilization ; Non-metal heating body (crystal tube heating body) without the worry of heavy metal precipitation; fully transparent, food-grade waterway, hiding dirt and dirt at a glance.

Energy-saving: Nano electric heating film quick heating body, the thermal efficiency is as high as 98%, and it can be used immediately, and it can be boiled; it can eliminate repeated heating, preheating and standby power consumption, and save 80% of energy.

Safety: Thorough separation of water, electricity, water and gas; people leave the machine to stop major hidden dangers; electronic child lock to prevent children from being burned; magnetic suspension water level switch, double jump temperature control to avoid dry burning without water, nine-level safety protection.

Convenient: 3 seconds heating after heating, boiling water out in 6 seconds, ready to use, no need to wait; continuous boiling water, fast water output, large water output to meet your daily drinking requirements; intelligent control of water intake; humanized design, operation simple.

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