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Water window C611 pipeline machine
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Water window instantaneous pipeline machine 611 function:

Size: 398x310x76mm

Color: Classic Black, Tyrant Gold

Voltage: 220V ~ 50Hz

Heating power: 2200W

Hot water capacity: ≥90 ℃ 25L / h

Heating element: quartz electrothermal film heating element

Function: quantitative hot water, manual hot water, constant temperature water, child lock, TDS water quality monitoring

Operating instructions: Touch the child lock key, and then press 250ml or manual key, boiling water will be produced in 3 seconds, the quantitative timing will automatically stop; touch the cool water key, normal temperature water, quantitative timing, will automatically stop.

Safety protection: water shortage protection, water leakage protection, freezing protection, overheating protection, dry burning protection, overflow protection, fault self-diagnosis.

Functional description:

1. Patented heat-free bile technology, energy saving and environmental protection

2, hot and drink immediately, eliminate thousands of boiling water, food-grade waterways, health is guaranteed

3. Intelligent real-time monitoring of TDS water quality, rest assured

4. Continuous boiling water, stable temperature

5. Large hot water flow (boiling water ≥25L / H), high thermal efficiency (98%)

6, multiple mechanical and electrical protection, safety and security

7,139 LED lights stylish borderless operation interface, intelligent touch, easy and comfortable

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