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Application of activated carbon filter series products in water purifier industry (1)

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Activated carbon filter is a porous carbon material. Its microcrystalline structure is formed by raw materials through carbonization and activation processes. The carbon atoms in the microcrystalline form a graphite-like layered structure in a hexagonal combination state. It has a developed pore structure, a large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, a wide variety of specifications, and good chemical stability. Therefore, activated carbon series products are widely used in chemical industry, food industry, nuclear power, gold extraction, automobiles, home appliances, medicine, pesticides, agriculture, national defense and many other scientific and technological fields, with a wide range of uses. Due to its unique structural state, no other types of products can be replaced at present!

Activated carbon can be produced from different raw materials, such as: common wood, wood chips, various types of nut shells, coal series, petroleum residues, waste tires and other carbon-containing materials in wood materials. The components of activated carbon products contain about 90% to 95% carbon, about 2% to 5% oxygen, 1% to 2% hydrogen, and a small amount of metal compounds. The main production methods: chemical method, physical method, chemical physics And physical and chemical methods, different production processes make the internal pore structure of activated carbon also different. The pores formed can be divided into the following: 1. Micropores (≤ 2nm) are also called submicropores with pore diameters less than 0.8nm. 2. Mesopores (transition holes 2nm ~ 50nm), 3. Macropores (≥50nm). There are other descriptions of the classification of holes, but most of them are based on the above classification. The degree of micropore development of activated carbon directly affects the size of its specific surface area, and plays a key role in the use of gas phase media. Pores of more than 2nm will be widely used in liquid medium adsorption treatment or catalyst support. In the general adsorption process, it does not have a direct adsorption effect, but only assists and acts as a transport channel for the adsorbate.

The production technology, variety and specifications of activated carbon products are relatively numerous, so no further discussion is made here. Some simple discussions are made on the application technology of activated carbon filter elements in the current water purification field, especially domestic water purifiers and commercial water purifiers. Common household RO water purifiers generally use a five-stage filter. As the second-stage pre-activated carbon filter, the main function is to remove organic polymer pollutants such as residual chlorine, odor, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, and halogenated hydrocarbons in water. For the removal of heavy metals, the effect of the activated carbon itself is not ideal. Unlike some businesses, which exaggerated its use effect, activated carbon must be modified to have a certain removal effect on lead and other heavy metal ions in a specific pH range. However, it is difficult to achieve the use of activated carbon filter elements in household RO water purifiers.

At present in the domestic market, activated carbon products can be described as uneven. This is a problem that has plagued China's activated carbon production industry for many years, which is difficult to control and solve. The scale of production enterprises is small and the technology is backward. In order to pursue unreasonable profits, some manufacturers use secondary charging and fake products. Some use only carbonized materials or partial carbonized materials for blending. The product's physical and chemical indicators are very low. Some manufacturers even use a large amount of recycled waste carbon as simple ones. It will be packaged and sold even if it is recycled. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 4,000 domestic domestic water purifier production units, and the size is not equal. It can be said that many water purifier manufacturers do not have activated carbon detection methods at all, which will inevitably lead to the purchase of Various specifications of activated carbon for filter element filling cannot be accurately controlled. Some units can only use low-priced components to assemble in order to reduce sales and reduce manufacturing costs. After several water exhibitions in China, the author learned that some water purifier production units have also said bluntly that they are mainly producing low-end products. They believe that some consumers are willing to buy products with low prices. Yes, the market price of an ordinary 10-inch activated carbon filter is only about 4.5 yuan, and the activated carbon purchased is less than 3,000 yuan. Based on this price, how do we choose, a 10-inch CTO activated carbon filter is only 5 yuan Right and left, I used to bring back a few for various performance tests. The results were incredible. Some particulate carbon had an iodine value of only 200mg / g or more. The water purifier equipped with this activated carbon filter made people feel relieved. (to be continued)

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