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Introduction of Tmall 400GRO reverse osmosis water purifier!

时间:2018-09-17 Edit: Henan Long March Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-09-17

Using PP cotton + granular activated carbon + precision activated carbon + RO membrane + rear activated carbon ( small T33 filter element )

Layers of fine filtration, giving you absolute peace of mind

Can effectively filter water solubles, E. coli,

Reduce arsenic, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent),

Content of lead, etc., absorbs odors in water.

Five grades of pure filtration, pure water quality, safe drinking water.

Double outlet design to meet different needs

User-friendly dual water outlet design, free choice of purified water / pure water.

Purified water (domestic water) can be used for rice washing,

Washing vegetables, washing hands, household cleaning,

Pure water can be used for direct drinking, brewing milk, soup, and cooking.

Meet the different water needs of the entire family.

Smart panel, real-time monitoring filter life

Using intelligent panel control,

Keep track of the status of filter use.

Smart reminder for expiration filter,

Intimate and more worry-free,

There is a one-button cleaning function for the filter element,

Simpler and more core-saving.

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