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4-port pressure reducing valve
4-port pressure reducing valve

product description:

This pressure reducing valve is the company's invention patent product, and its technical performance is excellent. If the local water pressure is 5kg / cm2 or the water pressure is unstable, there is a risk of water hammer impact, so it must be installed.
Performance characteristics:

Low water pressure does not decompress, high water pressure is maintained at constant pressure, waterproof hammer is resistant to high pressure, free adjustment of static pressure, large flow of straight water flow, no vibration and noise, and anti-pollution.

Decompression characteristics:

Inlet water pressure 0-2.2 2.2-15 15-20

Water pressure 0-2.2 2.2-4.0 4.0-50

Why install a pressure reducing valve?

1. Pressure reducing valve is also called "water hammer eliminator"

2. Due to the water hammer effect, the water pressure instantly increases, and the pipeline is prone to burst and water leakage.

3. The pressure reducing valve is installed at the water inlet end of the filtering system to effectively prevent the impact of water hammer on the filtering system. Reduce the risk of filter bottle burst, reduce water leakage failures, reduce damage to solenoid valves, protect water equipment at home, and avoid economic losses.

Applies to:

Water purification equipment of major brands, front end of faucet for users of high-rise buildings, smart toilets, coffee machines, commercial water dispensers, pure water machines, ice machines, water heaters and other water-passing equipment

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