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Non-standard 8 inch PP cotton filter
Non-standard 8 inch PP cotton filter

This product is a non-standard filter element, applicable to the following models.

Applicable models: QJ-U4-07 (blue) CJ-2EG new 1 CJ-2EG new 2

QR-R5-01F OR-RU-05B OJ-U4-04, etc.

Not sure if your model is suitable for this filter element, you can take photos and send pictures to customer service to confirm;

Product efficacy: Effectively remove impurities visible to the naked eye, such as suspended solids, sediment, red worms, rust, and other solid sediments larger than 5 microns in water.

It is recommended to replace it in 3-6 months, and it should be replaced in 2-3 months if the water quality is poor.


Product parameters:

Product name 8 inch PP cotton filter Product size 47mm * 218mm

Filtration accuracy 1 micron Filtration efficiency Sediment, red worm, rust, etc.

Scope of use Water treatment capacity in front of water purifier Recommended replacement in 3-6 months

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