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Non-standard 9 inch RO membrane filter
Non-standard 9 inch RO membrane filter

Product Features:

Desalination rate ≥69%, stable performance, filtration accuracy 0.0001 μm

Effectively filter harmful impurities such as heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, chemical residues in water.



  • The customer should keep the RO film in the packing box at room temperature to keep it dry to avoid low temperature icing and high temperature damage. If the polyethylene packaging bag is broken, it should be refilled with a protective solution and vacuum packed to prevent the breeding of microorganisms;

  • Keep the membrane elements moist after opening.

  • In order to completely rinse the protective liquid on the membrane element, the product water in the first hour should be discarded;

  • Membrane elements should be stored in a protective solution. Avoid microbial growth and low temperature damage during transportation or system shutdown. The standard protective solution is: one percent by weight sodium bisulfite or sodium metabisulfite solution (food grade) for one week. The short-term storage of 1% sodium metabisulfite is suitable to inhibit the growth of microorganisms;

  • Customers can not add other chemicals that damage the membrane element when using it, which will seriously affect the quality of the element.  




Utilizing an ultra-static pressure pump to generate high-pressure osmosis, allowing water molecules and ionic mineral elements to pass through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, while most of the heavy metals, organics, bacteria, and viruses dissolved in water cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. Retention (the pore size on the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001um, while the diameter of the virus is generally 0.02-0.4um, and the diameter of ordinary bacteria is 0.4-1um)

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