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Wardwater-E2 snap-on front activated carbon
Wardwater-E2 snap-on front activated carbon

     This E2 card filter is applicable to major brands such as Midea, Qinyuan, Micro, etc. Please refer to the end caps below before purchasing. If you are not sure about your model, you can send pictures to communicate with customer service.

product description:

品质更有保障;微黑水,吸附性更强,能有效吸附原水中的余氯,异色异味,大分子有机物质; The shell is made of Korean LG PE masterbatch, which is safe and non-toxic, with a pressure resistance of more than 38kg; the carbon powder uses high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, and the quality is more guaranteed after dust removal and impurity removal by automated equipment ; slightly black water, stronger adsorption and effective Adsorption of residual chlorine, odor, odor, and macromolecular organic matter in raw water;

The products of our company have passed the 10kg / cm2 air-tight full inspection to prevent water leakage, to ensure that the branches are fine, and the details determine the quality. We always pay attention to every detail of product production.

Product parameters

Working pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.4MPa Relative humidity: ≤90% RH

Use water temperature: 5 ~ 38 ℃ Working environment temperature: 4 ~ 40 ℃

Applicable water source: municipal tap water


The specific replacement cycle depends on the difference in water quality and water consumption in different places

Where the water pressure is higher than 0.4MPa, please install a pressure reducing valve on the front of the product

Filter replacement, please be sure to use a special filter


Please check the model and size before purchasing. The user only needs to check whether the interface of the filter element is consistent with the one in the shop.

If they are not the same, you need to purchase the filter element and the filter element holder to replace it together.

If you are not sure of the brand or model of the water purifier, you can send a picture of the water purifier and ask customer service to help you confirm.

  If you have questions or after-sale installation problems, you can consult online customer service or call the store technical telephone consultation: 15136289388 WeChat same number

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